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We design, manufacture and install all projects from start to up and running.

Equipment is produced in Stikland, Cape Town to proven design:

  • Bin In-feeds, de-stackers & re-stackers
  • Dumping & Tipping
  • Sorting & Re-binning
  • Small fruit elimination
  • Washing, waxing & drying
  • Spreaders & Grading System & Packing tables
  • Monorail carton in-feed system
  • Carton conveyors & Palletising
  • Alterations & modifications on existing packing plants

Demand feed Conveyors
Drying and waxing unit
Washing,Drying & Waxing Unit
In-feed to Main Sizer
Pony Sizer
Spreader with Spraying system
Wet Dumper
drying units
demand Feeds
Destacker restacker
Hydro Bin Filler In feed System
Infeed System & Sorting Tables
Plum & Citrus Line